MehranCommittedbtsMehran Torgoley is an award winning screenwriter/director, and the founder of numbir9 films. Mehran’s interest in film began when he was very young, a passion which drove him to study of fine art, graphics and media long before these disciplines were as intermingled as they are today.

After graduating from DePaul University in Chicago, a strong interest in special effects and animation led Mehran to study 3D Computer animation and compositing in Seattle, WA. The end result of this program were two short animated films which inspired him to move into the world of cinema and storytelling. Mehran’s graphics and multimedia experience provided him with a solid background as an independent filmmaker in the digital video age.

Mehran has been awarded for his many of his films and music videos with honors from film festivals including The Boston Film Festival, Los Angeles Movie Awards, The Hills Film Festival, Holly Shorts Film Festival, and Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.

Mehran’s production company, numbir9 films, specializes in high quality film production services for a wide range of genres including short films, features, music videos, commercials, infomercials, episodes, and more!