A couple of weeks ago, I came across the following post. Claiming you can build a camera dolly for only $30! I must admit, I am a sucker for Do-It-Yourself Projects. There is something so satisfying about building something useful out of fairly common parts, especially when the item is something so heavily marked up. While I’ve never gone quite this far… …when I saw the sample clips of the Ikeahacker dolly I was immediately inspired to build my own. Looking at that $30 price tag, I figured, even if I threw the thing out afterwards, it would have been worth the trouble and the money. The first step was to divine exactly what was gonna be needed to build the thing. The images in the post provided the only guide needed to copy the track, but there was also a list of parts on one of the accompanying posts. Sounds simple enough so far. Of course, as with all noble ventures, there was a small problem. This wasn’t a $30 dolly track. The shelf its self was around $25, probably another $10-15 for hardware, another $5-10 for the base shelf, and then 12 rollerblade wheels. Now, I suppose if you have all this stuff sitting around your house, you can conceivably build the track for 30-ish bucks. When I started to source the parts at my lowest bidders (Read – Ikea/Ace hardware/Play-it-Again-Sports) I found that for 12 inline skate wheels, I was looking at around $60. All told, the “$30 Dolly,” by my calculations, was gonna end up costing closer to $100, assuming you have all the tools necessary for the job. While $100 is still an amazing price for such a functional piece of filmmaking hardware, I was not one to be had by the old ‘bait & switch.’ If I was gonna do this thing, I was gonna do it my way, and try to get a bit closer to that $30 pricetag advertised so prominently.