Malcolm Gladwell’s recent book ‘Outliers’

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presents a theory about how successful people, (the truly great ones, that is) got to where they did. While he covers many facets of success, one theme was prominent. Ten thousand hours. 10,000 hours into a particular endeavor. Mr. Gladwell explains the ‘revolutionary’ idea that hard work makes one great. That sounds sarcastic, but it’s not meant to be a critique on the book. I thought it was a great book, eye opening really. The idea that work makes one great seems to have fallen by the wayside in the instant gratification world we all live in. He is careful to note that his book is not a lesson plan to achieve greatness, but rather presents a set of things to ponder as we groom the next generation. Well, considering I’m reworking my goal set, and laying the foundation on the next chapter of my own life, I decided that perhaps it could be a recipe for my own success. So in keeping with his guideline of 10,000 hours, I am keeping a soft tally of the time I put my filmmaking. So right now I am well on my way to getting a personally issued diploma in the “Mehran Torgoley, by way of Malcolm Gladwell, 10,000 hour-Film school.” Wish me luck.

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